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We offer infant care in Pearland, TX, here at Applegate Farms Child Care. Our staff members are kind, loving, and devoted to the infants and children to whom we provide infant child care. From the time we first meet your infant, we are excited to see him or her grow and develop, and we are excited to assist in this maturation. Our curriculum is based on evidence and scientifically improving the achievement of children at all ages.

At Applegate Farms Child Care, we are empathetic with your difficult decision to turn the care of your child over to others for a portion of the day. We want to assure you that at our preschool center, we are professional and competent caregivers who truly love and care about all children who attend.

Our preschool care center has a reputation for superior quality care, effective communication, security, and happy children. Our years of experience in a day care setting have proven to us here at Applegate Farms Child Care what works in infant care programs. We believe in the power of human touch for infants, and most staff members feel that the hours we spend every day holding babies is the best part of our job. We also feel that babies need time alone to learn how to comfort themselves and to self-entertain.

Our interaction with all children here at Applegate Farms Child Care is geared toward stimulation, because we know that the more experiences that children have, the higher the achievement of happiness and contentment will be. Schedule an appointment with one of the staff members at Applegate Farms Child Care to find out how we can enhance your child’s life.

Your child will be a perfect fit in our program.

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